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We take a lot of pride in providing you with outstanding workmanship and custom solutions in the design and building of your memorial. We also believe in ensuring you get friendly, compassionate services in what can be a very difficult time. As a locally and family-owned and operated business, we’re sensitive to your unique needs, and we’d like to make the process of creating your monument or marker as easy as possible.

Please fill out the convenient online form on this page. A member of our staff will get back to you as soon as possible to discuss your project, and to provide you with an estimate. Please be aware that installation costs can vary by cemetery.

Custom solutions since 1903

Since 1903, Twin City Monument has provided custom designed cemetery monuments and grave markers for families throughout Saint Paul and Minneapolis. We specialize in the use of granite, bronze, and marble in our process. From your largest cemetery monuments to the most delicate hand etching of a grave marker, we have the experience to satisfy your needs, at a competitive price.

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