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For Those Whom We Love And Remember

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Celebrate the wonderful memories

Flower vases

Our experts will work with you, to design the perfect memorial. With our experience and unique selection, you’ll find the means to celebrate your loved one, and the memories they left behind. From cremation memorials to statuary stone, we can help you find the right way to express your devotion and remembrance.

With flowers, you can express your true feelings with a language that’s universal. Each flower has its own special meaning – lilies for purity, daisies for youth, roses for love, ivies for fidelity – so your flower vases can add an even more personal touch to your loved one’s memorial.

Beautiful and durable statuary stone

With stone choices of marble and granite, and other materials like bronze, you can find the perfect way to create a loving tribute to those you want to remember. Love is timeless, and statuary stone from Twin City Monument provides you and your family with a durable and lasting reminder of someone who’s played such an important role in your life.

Custom designed markers

Our skilled artisans will work with you to design the perfect marker with carvings to express not only the emotion you feel, but also to help celebrate your loved one’s profession, hobbies, or organization membership.

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We also offer a beautiful and unique selection of monuments and markers.